Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AMG I Got A Ghostcrawler Reply!


But seriously, good to get that clarification. Really, it was what I expecting, but I have a habit of seeking clarification where I'm 90% sure, but just want to be certain.

Either way, I'll take a brief moment to rehash the more minor tweaks I'd like to see.

-Dark Pact: Tweak it to make it more useful. Honestly, with the high amount of self healing Affliction has this might be better served as some form of a dps timer rather than another "more mana" solution that honestly only sees much use in PvP. I'd make it an off the GCD 10 second self buff on a 1 minute cooldown that increases the damage of Affliction spells cast by X% and makes lifetap cost no health. I'll admit I also just want another button to press. I miss Immolate/Siphon Life. Making DP worth casting again is +1 fun factor for me. Doesn't so much matter why I cast it more so long as I have another button.

-Demonic Circle Summon: Make dropping the circle instant. Obviously requiring you be on the ground as to prevent abuse. This would simply make the ability feel more fluid.

-Drain Soul: 1 second tick intervals rather than 3 second intervals. If you play a lock it's pretty obvious why more continuous ticks are preferable to more discrete ticks.

-Fix the "Reach" talents to make them more accessible since all Warlock specs use all spell schools. Either make both effect all spells (and not stack) or remove them and consolidate them into a tier 1 Demo talent that effects all spells.

-Deathcoil: It's trying to be too many things on too long of a cooldown. Remove the damage and healing. Give it a 45s cooldown. Now it's a GTFO move on a reasonable cooldown.

-Shadowflame: Still pretty crappy without the glyph. Have it heal the Warlock for whatever damage it does.

-Infernal. Nerf his DPS but don't make him replace the normal pets. Too often this guy just doesn't get used because of the trade-off. I'd much rather have a less clunky version that you simply use when you need some more DPS.

-Eradication: Pure flavor request here, but I'd love to see this mirror the old Improved Shadow Bolt effect instead of the current Haste proc. On Shadowbolt/Haunt crits it gives the Eradication buff which increases shadow damage done by X% for Y seconds.


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