Sunday, November 14, 2010

Expanding Horizons

In an effort to keep posting on here (as opposed to closing the blog down due my general lack of interest in WoW) I've decided to expand my subject matter somewhat. So that being said you'll probably start seeing posts on here about PC games as a whole and maybe even some music every now and again too. I figure those are the things I'm most passionate about and as such I'll have a decent amount to say about both. I'll make sure to toss a tag in the title if it's not clear what the post is about so if you happened to be repulsed by my taste in music, or only want to read about WoW it will be easy to skip for you. Never fear, however, as I will always hold true to the "no Livejournal bullshit." doctine. You'll get my opinions, reviews, criticisms and rants, but never will you hear about me or my life. I'm boring, but the things I like are awesome so I'll just stick to that ;)