Saturday, September 8, 2007

DoT Itemization Woes

If you've ever played a Shadowpriest or Affliction Warlock in any depth (Or spoken with me in game to know truly how much I complain about this issue...) you'd know just how restrictive itemization is for these two specs. With a near complete reliance on +dmg once the hit cap is reached it leaves (in the best case) little room for thoughtful comparison of items that other classes get to make with one stat vs. another, etc. and (in the worst case) simply no clear upgrade within reach. +DMG +DMG +DMG! Push it to the limit! With 60-70% of our DPS consisting of spells that don't crit and are unaffected by spellhaste it leaves many items severly lacking in the +dmg department.

Either way, I don't want to bore you all with excessive math, though even without it it's rather easy to notice the problem we face. Now, by no means am I asking for outright buffs, or even complaining about my damage (I tend to be top 3 damage 90% of the time in our raids) but rather a change opening up itemization choice, moving away from the dull, restrictive and...honestly, moronic route of itemization these specs take. I'm complaining for my own benefit, but even more so for Shadowpriests as they have it even worse.

My further in depth with mechanic changes suggestion post on the WoW Suggestion forum. Please comment in the thread if you agree (or disagree!)

Also, here is an interesting thread specifically on Shadowpriest itemization, though there is much crossover for Afflocks as well.

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