Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another 51pt Affliction Idea

Curse Mastery- Grants each of your curses a secondary effect as follows:

Agony: Gives a chance when dealing damage to afflict the target with chest pains, stunning them for 3 seconds.
Doom: Reduces the time for the damage to be dealt by 10 seconds.
Elements: Additionally increases damage done by DoT effects by 10% (Magical DoTs, Bleeds, Diseases, the works)
Exhaustion: Immobilizes the target for 2 seconds whenever Curse of Exhaustion ends.
Recklessness: Causes the target to damage themselves for 5% of the damage they deal for a maximum of 20% of your total health per attack/spell.
Tongues: Increases mana cost of spells by 10%
Weakness: Increases Rage/Energy/Runic power ability costs by 10%

Sounds fitting, no?


Anonymous said...

Agony: OP.
Doom: OP.
Elements: Ridiculously OP.
Exhaustion: OP.
Recklessness: Ridiculously OP.
Tongues: OP.
Weakness: Decent.

Fusoya said...

Sounds like a pretty good idea. It would definitely add a lot of versatility, and be a good reason for raids to bring at least one affliction lock.

Altaholic said...

Heh, Agony being similar to Curse of the Bleakheart - yeah, definitely OP, but hey! We can dream.

I like the Exhaustion idea, as it gives Affliction any sort of stun (which is already provided with Felguard and Shadowfury/Pyroclasm in the other two trees).

Weakness should read "Increases costs of abilities by 10%" - That would mean Rage, energy, runic power, mana (hunters, paladins, felguards) and focus (hunter pets).

Still, I would rather be able to cast multiple curses on the same target rather than have an extra "side effect" to curses we have now. Either that, or Curse of Mending.