Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I was given a beta key last night (yay!) Big thanks to the guy who got it for me!

I only got a chance to play around for a couple of hours but things are looking great so far, both for Warlocks and Deathknights.

I did throw up some initial feedback on the beta forum, however. Check it out here.

Let me know if you guys have any questions in particular about Warlocks or Deathknights and I'll try to answer them if I can!


Handofnight said...


My name's Handofnight. I read your posts a lot and the last one regarding the beta led me to explore the beta forums.

While there, I found several threads discussing how to increase affliction's personal DPS while still maintaining the debuffer "flavor". While I was reading them I had an idea about a possible change.

It is located here:

If you have the opportunity to check it out and give me your opinion on the change I would be very grateful. I'd really like to see Affliction improved this expansion, and for the first time in a while it seems (on the beta forum at least) that they are listening for input.


Proteus said...

Grats on the beta invite, draele!

Leiah said...

Yeah! Grats, bum! :)

Hakawne said...

DRAYLIE, I have beta too. Let me uhm... Heal stuff for you with Marybeth.

Or tank.


QueueTip said...

I thought it was DRYLAY?

One question about destro locks. Has anyone reached a 65536+ shadowbolt yet? I wonder if it would crash the server.


Anonymous said...

How's the demon form holding up against melee trains? Rogues in particular...I thought maybe the instant fear would be nice if you somehow manage to last through their initial attacks and cloak of shadows.

Draele said...

I haven't really gotten a chance to do any PvP as I'm on the PvE server. I'll let ya know how PvP turns out if I ever see any =P

I did, however, duel a Deathknight several times. He was specced Unholy and was 7 levels above me in quest greens. It pretty much came down to who got the hold on who first. If my fears didn't resist I could drop him pretty well. Felhunter Silence was great to use preemptively to stop him from silencing my casts. When he got on me I got stomped pretty hard...and when he had the ghoul out that thing murdered me.

All that being said it wasn't a totally accurate representation because I was in PvP gear, he was in greens. He was 7 levels above me, etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh I have a question for you!

What abilties can the warlock use in demon form? Blizzard said they want demon form to be a dps timer but it must have some insane bonuses to outweigh Ruin.

Draele said...

1- A Single target melee attack.
2- Demon Bolt (Shadowbolt)
3- A Shadow damage cleave effect
4- A heroic Leap type of ability.
5- An activated Immolation aura type of AoE
6- Howl of Terror (Instant)

Rob said...

Hey Draele, a few questions since you're on the beta;

1) Since Paranoia was removed from the Felhunter and essentially passed onto the Voidwalker, I was curious as to the nature of the new Consume Shadows. Is the stealth detection boost static, or would it increase with points into Improved Voidwalker?

If this is the case, perhaps investing points into the talent would be quite handy, as a 10k shield and improved (albeit temp) stealth detection could be very nice.

2) Do the "Demonic Abilities" have any synergy with the destruction talents ala Aftermath, ISB, and Bane?

With Demonology pushing towards a high critical trend, I am hoping that things like Immolation would be considered destruction for the sake of working with other talents. My main issue with the ability overall is it has to be better than ruin, curse of exhaustion, and siphon life.

3) Lastly, from what I've seen and tinkered from the current trees, I feel that Lower tier demonology is severely bloated. With 5/5 Demonic Tactics to get 3/3 Imp DT, followed by 3/3 for Fel Synergy, then another 5/5 for Demonic Pact, it's really a handful, stealing away from other trees which could be a lot better.

While the lower tier demo talents are good, there's too many points to distribute to make full use of them, which seems to be a general no-no.

Also, is the cooldown for Meta Howl really 3min now? If so that really sucks and robs the talent of the limited utility it already has :/

Rob said...

Er, my apologies when I mentioned fel synergy I meant Demonic Empathy**

Anonymous said...

Yay for the new fel concentration!

[now gives you a 14%/28%/42%/56%/70% chance to avoid interruption while casting unstable affliction and haunt.]

I think the devs might be reading your blog once in a while ; )