Saturday, November 8, 2008

Making Affliction Less Stressful...

...but without dumbing it down!

There has been much discussion of Affliction being too difficult for many players, and I can certainly see how that would be so especially in complex boss encounters. That being said there are many players who are drawn to this spec for that very reason, complexity. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but most classes/specs in a raid setting are quite simplistic and uninspiring. Affliction offers something requiring a little more attention and requires you be a little more engaged than your average raider. I, for one, don't know what I'd do if Affliction were dumbed down as there's really nothing else both as interesting and engaging as Affliction. Lets just say it will be a sad day for many if Affliction is dumbed down to the level of other classes/specs.

I'm all for making Affliction flow better, however, as long as it doesn't come at the cost of dumbing it down. It can remain just as complex but play more intuitively and less stressfully.

A few things that I'd support changing to reach this goal:

-Increase the duration of Shadow Embrace from 12s to 15s. Give us a little more time to refresh the debuff before it falls off. Some fight have a lot of movement or require changing targets so that reapplication may not always occur every 12 seconds.
-Make UA instant. This would allow for quicker reapplication should you be doing something else when it falls off as well as letting you reapply it while moving.
-Add Shadowbolt back into Everlasting Afflictions. More frequent reapplications lead to less chance of it falling off at an odd moment in a fight and the worrying that occurs of trying to keep it up.
-Change the base UI to better display debuff timers as to accomodate people without mods such as DoTimer. Have it display your debuffs all together on the first line, sorted by time remaining so the very first debuffs are the ones with the shortest duration left.

All of these things would allow Affliction to play more intuitively, and be less stressful making one worry about one or more of the more passive debuffs from falling off while still maintaining the management of the more active debuffs (UA, Immolate, Siphon, CoA, Haunt) while not dumbing it down by making all of the DoT share the same duration (as GC volunteered), removing DoTs from our rotation, etc.

There can be a solid middle ground between stressfully convoluted and pleasantly complex.


Halifax Little said...

How is affliction difficult, exactly? Here, I'll make it easy for you:

Solo: Corruption, Haunt. Then whatever else you want to do (Fear, Drain, SB).

Solo w/multiple targets: Haunt first target, start dropping Corruption and Siphon Life on every mob, recast Haunt when possible.

Bosses: Curse of Doom or Agony, Haunt, Corruption, UA, Shadowbolt. Rinse, repeat. Adjust for each boss's tactical requirements.

What's so difficult?

Anonymous said...

A bit offtopic, but we really should be pushing for a viable CC...say a fear that doesn't path very far, or a banish that works on all PVE mobs. I'm not looking forward to the future when we have to start using CC again and "LF DPS/CC" means I can't go.

Anonymous said...

And halifax, it's difficult in the sense that I used to be able to use a castsequence macro to throw up all my dots, and then move on to shadowbolting. Now, Haut drops off (way too soon imo) so I have to stop my SB dps, and recast that....and with a 1.5 sec cast time, 1.5 sec gcd, plus any lag involved, I have maybe 4 secs till I have to recast Haunt again. In the mean time all my other dots have fallen off and I have to do the sequence once more. Except now, since haunt is already on the mob, my macro bugs out till the haunt returns. Doing all of this makes trying to pay attention to something like where the infernals are on Prince very difficult (ok ok, maybe not so much anymore, but once upon a time).

I've always liked long duration dots for PVE. They need to extend Haunt's duration, increase the heal amount, and add in a glyph that cuts the duration if one so chooses.