Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ranking The Classes

Completely random post here, but I've always liked making lists =P

Favorite to least favorite classes to play overall (class mechanics, lore, style, etc.)

1) Warlock (Duh)
2) Death Knight
3) Warrior
4) Priest
5) Druid*
6) Paladin
7) Hunter*
8) Mage
9) Rogue
10) Shaman*

*I'm leveling my Druid over my Priest, but only for Resto. Overall Priest is much cooler and I think would probably suit me better as a main. Discipline is OP and awesome at the same time. But Resto druid just have so many fun tools to use in BGs. HoTs (cmon I love DoTs, ya know I gotta love HoTs too), tree form is just cool, Stealth, and the overall different flavor of nature instead of holy. I still waffle between these two, but my brother is leveling his Priest on my account as we speak so I'll have a max level Priest at my disposal in time...

* Hunter used to be my main for ~half of vanilla. I don't know why it's so low. Maybe because everything I like about pet classes I get with the Warlock. That's not to say Hunters are bad, but IMO Warhammer handled "Hunters" better overall with more interesting mechanics by splitting the archetype into 2 classes: White Lion (Glaive wielding melee DPS class built extremely heavily on master/pet synergy, flanking, etc) & Shadow Warrior (pure marksman with no pet, different stances for kiting, sniping, etc.) After playing Warhammer the Hunter of all classes in WoW feels like so much of a mishmash.

* I haven't played a Shaman at all since BC so maybe the 3.2 tweaks (ESPECIALLY the totem changes) + generic overall tweaks might bump it up to ~Mage levels of fun. Overall though Shaman mechanics just aren't interesting. Funny how opinions can change because when I first got WoW out of the box I made an Orc Shaman...boy am I glad my RL friends convinced me to go Alliance when the character was only level 6.


*vlad* said...

Funny but my list is way different!

1) Warlock (duh indeed)
2) Paladin
3) Shaman
4) Druid
5) Hunter
6) Rogue
7) DK
8) Priest
9) Warrior
10) Mage

Frijona said...

This is a cool idea! I just started a couple posts about why I love warlocks so much, but I've never ranked the classes:

1) Warlock (Yes, duh)
2) Rogue
3) Druid
4) Death Knight
5) Warrior
6) Hunter
7) Shaman
8) Priest
9) Mage
10) Paladin

(Note that I love other paladins in game and I'm always thrilled to have them in groups, but my desire to play one is completely nil.)

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