Thursday, November 1, 2007

Feedback Submitted!

Sounds like Blizzard is gearing up for the WotLK class tweaks. Leiah, a Warlock player who fed us much info about TBC beta(and has contacts with one of the WoW devs!) has kept us in the know ever since has started collecting feedback from the Hunters! Between that and more recent blue posts on the class forums I think it's safe to say they are looking for feedback.

I spent some time typing up some Affliction specific feedback here which you may find of interest. Feedback on my feedback would be great!


Blizzard seems to be looking for feedback lately so I figured I’d offer mine here. I submit this post saying upfront that I’m 100% biased towards Affliction, not in an “I want it to be overpowered” sense, but in that I absolutely love its unique playstyle and have strong opinions about it.Overall it’s a very solid tree, probably more so than most in the game and doesn’t need a whole lot of “buffs” in the true sense of the word so much as a few idiosyncrasies/gaps filled in.

Here they are, feedback 1-3 being more “fixes” and 4-5 being suggestions for WotLK that would increase the fun factor/feel of the tree.

1) DoT Scaling

2) Pets not gaining mana when you drink

3) Seed of Corruption- Too Strong!

4) Shadowbolt Dependency

5) 51pt Affliction Talent

Check the thread out for the details!

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