Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kael Down!

A slightly belated post, but Sunday we got our first Kael kill! To be completely honest I wasn't (nor do I think many others were) expecting to get him that night... apparantly phase 5 was more of a cakewalk than we expected. Anyway, it was quite a rush to see him drop. Give us a couple more weeks, get some people their Kael and Vashj vials and we'll be in Hyjal/BT mostly full time! It will be nice to get into some new content and finally for (Arv and I) get some genuine upgrades. Nethervoid Cloak especially- yum.

As an aside, I hope I can go a stretch without having to play Mr. Caster Tank. Leotheras, Vashj, Kael, I'm either kiting or tanking a good portion of them. Not that I mind doing it- I like knowing the job will get done (No sign of disrespect to my guildies. I just follow the motto- "If you want something done right, do it yourself") Here's to seeing some DPS-race gear check fights in the future?

PS- Rumoer has it boss #1 of Sunwell, the pitlord Brutalicus, is a Patchwerk style gear check encounter. Patchwerk was such a fun fight(even at level 70) it will be great to a fight like it at it's inteded level.

PPS- Jack and Dr. Pepper, not quite as good as Jack and Coke.


Fusoya said...

Congrats! That was a pretty short amount of time spent on him.

How did you handle the Astromancer? It seems she occasionally runs closer to the tank than normal and conflags the tank. Is there any way to counter that? or do you just hope for the best? Also, did you tank her directly in tbe back center, or get her off to the back corner somewhere, then pick her up in phase 3 so you are both along the back wall? We are going to be getting into it more after the break, but that seemed to be the biggest issue so far.

Draele said...

Something I figured out a couple night before we dropped her... Don't back up all the way to the wall. Leave 10 feet or so behind you. She'll run up to her minimal potential range then you can slowly back up until you're out of conflag range. At this point you can just have your MT eat Conflags for free rage.