Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yeah, I Went There...

So I'm not one to trash talk the other team in the arena, but I went there tonight. They got cussed out, their tactics scrutinized and generally got bombarded with phrases I generally don't utter. What was it that set me off so? Warrior(Gnome, Mace spec no less), Resto Druid, Holy Paladin.

We faced them three times- Lost two and won one. Every single game the Warrior would beeline it right onto my Felhunter essentially instagibbing it(Leiah, if you're reading this I don't even think 50% Resilience on the pet would do the trick here...), the *resto* Druid stayed in Bear form all fight not really even doing anything, occasionally shifting out and throwing a HoT on the other two, and the Paladin must have had a concrete fetish because his dick was shoved in the pillars god knows how long.

As always I wasn't peeved about losing. We lost nearly as many as we won today and I didn't utter a peep on any of the other losses. Honestly more often than not I uttered silent congratulations to the other team for a job well done for their well timed CC, good focus, good cooldown management, etc...but not in this case. Cheese tactics are cheese tactics and if you use them you lose my respect(Not that you care). I don't know how to put it any more bluntly.


Fusoya said...

... says the Warlock.

How did it make you feel when the Paladin was pillar hugging? Now multiply that by every game and you get a glimpse of what playing a mage is like in arena. Did that warrior interrupt a lot of your casts? Now take your non-interrupted casts (probably instants) and count them as interrupted. Tadah! Yet again you have a mage every single game. Try playing games where your only source of reasonable damage is a 2.5 second cast. On top of that, try playing games in tier 4 gear to ensure your 2.5 second casts don't become 6 second casts. You'd better warm up those CC and escape buttons. but BEWARE! Too much casting and you will find yourself out of mana. Now pretend like you don't have life tap or Dark pact, and that your only ways for mana are not using your healthstone, or standing still for 8 seconds. That would suck. Wouldn't it?

Draele said...

Oh I definitely agree it's a problem. To a point you can counteract it through Frost nova and get a little burst damage in but definitely not enough to kill(essentially the same with DoTs- They are easy to apply but without some heavier throughput damage the healers will just heal through the damage). Arenas just seem to favor healers, Rogues and Warriors far too much due to how LoS works.

Fusoya said...

Yeah, its pretty much go LoS or go home.

I try not to talk about this but I lost to a Holy paladin in 3v3 when both of our teamates dropped. It was Nagrand arena, and he pretty much ran around the pillar gaining mana back. Occasionally I would steal his freedom, and nova / slow, but still couldnt get him down before he was able to heal. So I went OOM and had to drink, but couldn't because every time I tried he would try ressing. This repeated for about 10 minutes until he went after me. With no more gems / evocation, I was toast.

Leiah said...

"We have a nice change in store for spell haste as it relates to hots/dots, and other instant casts."


Fusoya said...

What about casts that go below GCD?

If they make haste shorten GCD... well lets just say I'll need a change of pants.