Monday, August 4, 2008

Unholy/Frost Deathknight Video

I tried to show off a few things about the class, or my spec at least. Your standard ability rotation, kiting, unloading a full runic power bar into them before they even touch you, and using Death Chill's 100% crit frost crit chance a couple times in there. Ultimately the focus of it is more on spell damage, especially in building runic power up through basic abilities, having Chill of the Grave and Dirge increase the amount of runic power you get, and Runic Power Mastery making all RP abilities cheaper. Overall it's really fun.

My Spec

A few things...

1) Server was a bit laggy so things are a bit off at points.

2) Quality of the video is pretty bad, make sure to use fullscreen so you can see the tooltips.

3) Sometimes the runic power might seem off, but there's currently a bug that doesn't show runic power decay out of combat.



Hakawne said...

According to a lot of the talent changes made to Blizzard's Beta calculators, mechanics are getting a big change again.

Death strike being 60%+X, healing for 100% of the damage done PER DISEASE, though? Can't stay... But I think it's being changed to cost one unholy and one frost instead of just one unholy. Plus, Blood Worms talent makes it desirable for the end of the fight. Maybe Death Strike -> Obliterate. Somp'n like that.

Heart Strike is the Blood tree's Hemo/Mangle, and it looks pretty good, actually.

I'm still looking at Blood/Unholy for raiding, without Dancing Rune Weapon (although, the static 10 seconds is GREAT). Maybe Blood/Frost for DRW.

I'd make a few more comments, but they're still intending to make more changes to the trees, and I have to get going.

Hakawne said...

As it turns out, I'd misunderstood Death Strike. Worth using any time, and after playing with it, it's fine. Interchangeable with Obliterate, depending on your situation.

I'm pretty satisfied with Blood right now, I think. Just a few changes I'd make, as with Paladins.

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