Thursday, August 28, 2008

Storm Peaks = Awesome

I only got a brief chance to look around the zone several days back when they first opened it up. The next day when I logged back in the zone was closed again (due to some leveling exploit I believe) Now it's open again and I'm totally in love with this zone. It's like Winterspring and Dun Morogh on crack. The mountain peaks are high, the mobs are awesome, and the quests are great as well. It has a very Nordic theme. In fact (spoiler alert!) a good bit of it revolves around the relationship between two giants:Thorim (Thor) and Loken (Loki) who are brothers and are locked in a war with one another. You even go undercover at one point and do quests for otherwise hostile Brunnhildar clan- a bunch of frost skinned all female Vrykul and help them deal with their enemies, the Sons of Hodir (male vs female thing) and the Valyries (former allies who have sold out to the Lich King) I won't spoil any more for you but this zone is just GREAT.


Anonymous said...

Is the demonic circle spell in game yet? Man I can't wait to use that. Also, what spec are you running with for leveling the upper 70's?

Draele said...

Yes it's in game, but you don't get it until 80. Right now I'm 78 and have been leveling with an Affliction + Shadowburn build.

Hakawne said...

Draele, my DK's 71. :| But Horde.
efffff, Pally's still 71 too. Level me, lul.

Also: New Druid talents! Makes a resto druid want to spec into Balance instead of 71 Resto! New build is 13/0/58 or 14/0/57 (the difference is in Nature's Grace).

This build makes all H/DoT 30% longer (+4sec Rejuv, +7sec Regrowth, +2sec Lifebloom/Flourish, all approximated), plus with intended Nourish spam, Nature's Grace will be pretty hot. New first-tier talent increases effects of H/DoTs.

EFFFF, do want 80!

RE: The topic:
That sounds pretty fun. Always gotta put in something like that, makes things interesting, and at the same time it's kinda' like... education in a game. Subtly.

And then the flying mounts while dead for that zone, so you can get back to your body, too.

Leveling exploit was being able to kill EVERYTHING with a tank in ~1 hit? and getting full experience.

QueueTip said...

There's gotta be a Chinese WotLK Beta leveling service out there somewhere.

Hakawne said...

Your face is a leveling service.

Anonymous said...

Anyway...since you said you're using shadow burn, I'm assuming shadowbolt didn't die the horrible death you wished it had?

Anonymous said...