Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scaling Is In!

Pandemic: Each time you deal damage with Corruption or Unstable Affliction, you have a chance equal to your spell critical strike chance to deal 33/66/100% additional damage.

Not quite what I was expecting but it gets the job done!

Also, I put up a post earlier about some of the changes as well as some of the existing issues that have yet to been addressed. The list is shrinking, however, which is great.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this will be counted as a critical strike for the sake of resilience.

Draele said...

We were talking about it on the forums before, and the general consensus seems to be that Resilience won't effect it as it's based off your chance to crit, not off your chance to crit that target. It's not crit damage either- the DoT doesn't actually do double damage- it just ticks twice.

Ferenczys said...

Assuming of course then that the extra hits have a chance at proccing Nightfall, yes? That's kind of cool.

Also, what are your thoughts on Deep Affliction (we're talking 51+) and Improved Shadow Bolt? Does it really not affect DoTs already on the target? Does Haunt/Everlasting Affliction GCD saves/Pandemic make up for the loss of ISB?

Sorry, off-topic I know, but it's driving me crazy.

Draele said...

Not sure if it would proc nightfall or not. It actually fires off a Shadowbolt (like Timbal's Focusing Crystal) that does damage equal to the damage of the DoT tick.

ISB does not effect DoTs that are already on the target. I'm not sure if this intended or simply a side effect of ISB becoming a self buff.

Anonymous said...

Since it's a sb that is fired off, do you need to be facing the target for it to work? Is it affected by range? If so then that kinda sucks.

Draele said...

no and No. It's just like Timbal's. No range required, no LoS required, etc. It's a proc and this would be really very weak if it required facing, LoS, and range.