Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shadowflame Feedback

To be blunt: Shadowflame really doesn't add a whole lot to the class. I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. Sure, it's a nice spell for soloing but it doesn't have any real use in serious PvP or raiding. It's good for a quick Immolate primer for Conflag, but even that's only for deeper Destruction. It just seems to lack an overall usability.

What about attaching a stun/daze/knockback effect and increasing the cooldown as necessary? I don't think this spell can be retooled to be useful in raiding, but it would be nice if it were at least more useful for more than one spec in PvP. Even if it had a 1minute cooldown with a knockback that would be better than 15 seconds when you may not even be able to use it every 15 seconds due to LoS, range, etc. It needs some added utility or otherwise it will just take up one of two new ability slots...


Maso said...

Hey, since my blog doesn't really exist for theorycrafting anymore, I wanted to see what your opinion would be on this Affliction system that will never be implemented in WoW :P

SoC added "only one Corruption per Warlock can be on a target at a time." Why not expand this by adding differnet kinds of corruption? They would all have different ways of dealing damage, through situational bonuses and stuff. Emphasis on damage, since we would need to differentiate it from the debuff system (curses).

For example, we'd have Corruption as the standard, primary general DPS form of corruption. Then we could have a Corruption that deals extra damage to an opponent that's at low health. Another that deals extra damage whenever the oppoenent casts a spell. Etc, etc.

The idea would be to have options for different situations in terms of DoT use. We wouldn't be just "tab DoT DoT," but rather, with this and the curse system I've suggested long ago, there would be a lot of decision making involved.

Anyways, just wanted to know your opinion on this thing that will never be implemented in WoW, because you like Affliction so much. Pardon my 6:03 am typing.

Draele said...

Personally? I'd be a fan of it. I have a thing for convoluted gameplay mechanics, but having read the beta lock forums it seems like most people like to keep things simple (IE boring) Have you seen the number of "Affliction has too many buttons, WAHHHH it makes my brain hurt to think" posts?

Which is why I'd say something like your idea would never happen- as interesting as it sounds.