Monday, December 29, 2008

Sitting PvP Out For Wrath

Sorry, you won't be seeing any complaining about PvP from me for quite a while on here... If you haven't already noticed, burst damage is completely dominating the PvP right now, and Blizzard seem pretty okay with that judging by the majority of the blue posts I've seen on the subject. Sure, they might tone it down. Sure, more Resilience might lower DPS overall. I just don't feel like screwing with any of it when the most likely outcome is a slightly less bursty environment than the current situation where Affliction still won't be viable because the pewpew is too strong.

I'll stick to raiding this time around. At least it's at least somewhat supportive of sustained DPS (though I've even got my gripes there...) Maybe next expansion Blizzard will cater to those with an attention span greater than an 8 year old's.


Hakawne said...

It didn't help that most caster gear had very little stamina. Shadow Priests with 13k health running against my DK with 22k and whopping crits plus a silence/interrupt.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya dreale! The problem I have is that I have a 79 lock, 77 DK and 77 holy pala...which one I want to make my "main" I'm not sure of. There is a pretty decent shortage of ranged dps, but that means straight PVE if I go with the lock...I tired to pvp a few times with it and it was just plain sad. DK's are good for pvp, but with half the damn server (and my guild) having rolled one, getting into a raid will be damn near impossible. I'm just mad because blizzard has essentially cut off half the game for me because I can't do both PVE and PVP with the same character.

I know you didn't want to get into rants, but if they'd at least make metamorph into an escape mechanism...we'd have at least one decent pvp spec we could use. Here's what would kick ass for meta: give it a spell where you actually fly up off the ground. You're out of range of melee...hell, they could even make the spell send you so high that you would be out of range to cast spells (so it wouldn't be overpowered.) I used to like the idea of a self banish, but that's just iceblock with a different graphic, and without an immediate blink after it runs out you're just delaying the inevitable.


Hagu said...

@2 I leveled an aff lock to 80. I don't like PvP so the fact that locks are non-starters was not an issue.

But PvE is problamatic. Yeah, everyone knows someone who has seen some lock do 3k on Patchwork. And there are the "me leet u noob" posters

YMMV, but personally I just don't see the appeal of locks now. My holy pally is now 80.

Anonymous said...

I'm an affliction lock and I've tried to PVP but being owned in less than 5 seconds is not fun. I've found limited ways to contribute but it's very situational and I still die quickly. Sadly I will hang up my PVP ambitions and just raid for the time being.