Sunday, January 4, 2009

3.1 Warlock Patch Notes

(Fake, of course, but with the purpose of giving several small PvP buffs when put together that should increase overall survivability and some PvE problems/inconsistencies tweaked)

-Backdraft: Reworked. Now gives a 33/66/100% chance for Conflagrate to refresh Immolate rather than consume it.
-Death Coil: Cooldown reduced to 1 minute.
-Demon Armor: Bonus armor removed. Now additionally reduces all damage taken by 10%.
-Demonic Circle Summon: Now instant cast.
-Demonic Circle Teleport: Now removes root and slow effects.
-Demonic Empathy: Effect increased to 2% per point (up from 1%)
-Destructive Reach and Aftermath talents have now switched places.
-Fel Domination: Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes.
-Grim Reach and Soul Siphon talents have now switched places.
-Shadowflame: DoT portion of this spell removed. Now applies "Tainted Soul" effect, reducing damage dealt by 30% for 5 seconds.
-Siphon Life: Now applied whenever Corruption is applied, similar to Shadow Embrace.
-Shadow Embrace: Bug relating to multiple Warlocks using this ability has been fixed.
-Summoned Demons now receive a larger portion of their master's spellpower as attack power/spell power as well as receive 50% of their master's Resilience.


Anonymous said...

-Shadowflame: DoT portion of this spell removed. Now applies "Tainted Soul" effect, reducing damage dealt by 30% for 5 seconds.
-Siphon Life: Now applied whenever Corruption is applied, similar to Shadow Embrace.

A good list of common sense fixes, but these in particular I think are inspired. I like the idea of Corruption, the hallmark Affliction spell, simply "doing more" the deeper you go in the tree.

Anonymous said...

Some good ideas here. We seriously need a stun breaker though otherwise certain classes will still be killing us before the stun expires rendering the other changes academic. I assume you are not classing stun as a root/snare in your Demoic Cirlce changes.

Draele said...

No, but many are pushing for stuns to get a damage cap. That, IMO would solve the problem as it's a problem faced by more classes than just Warlocks.

QueueTip said...

Just do what I do on my mage. 2v2 with a Deathknight, and blow everything you got in the first 5 seconds of the round to kill the healer before the rogue/Ret pally/feral druid/hunter/warrior 3 hit you. Then let the Deathknight clean up.

Hakawne said...

So, if nobody reads patch changes, Kidney Shot is going to be put on diminishing returns with -every- other stun, and Cheap Shot is only on DR with itself.

Figured it was worth mentioning with the stuns comments here.

Ferenczys said...

This is going to sound a little nuts maybe, but would Affliction benefit from an ability similar to a DK's Pestilence? I mean, load up one target with all your DOTs, then hit some ability that spreads those out to all targets within X yards? To refresh, you would rotate so that you'd re-apply the 'pestilence' effect after refreshing your primary target, and all valid sub-targets would be refreshed afterwards. It would spare us from having to cycle between targets, though in cases with multiple mobs in a tight dungeon/raid setting, Seed of Corruption is probably more efficient anyway.

What do you make of the talk now of consolidating some of our curses, kind of like the totem simplification for Shamans? Face it, our primary Curses really come down to:

Curse of Agony
Curse of Elements
Curse of Tongues (PVP)

Weakness, Recklessness and Exhaustion are highly situational (well, CoEx slightly less so), I could imagine some room for simplification here. For instance, the talent CoEx simply adds the snare effect to all your other curses, or at least to Curse of Weakness (seems logical). I could see CoA being changed so that it prevents targets from fleeing (what with being wracked by agony and all), while CoE could maybe have the armor debuff added to it, notching CoE up the rankings of useful debuff spells. We're supposed to be the debuff kings anyway, so I suppose this makes sense.

OP? Probably. But something has to give.

Anonymous said...

WTF Siphon life use to be the shiz nit lol what shouold my affliction cast rotation be now for grinding big mobs
now i will only have 2 instant dots fml fml fml fml