Saturday, August 15, 2009

People Are Morons

So I've been reading all the speculation on the forums lately about the Cataclysm info MMO-Champion leaked. While I neither believe nor disbelieve anything that's been said I can't help but take note of just how many morons keep dropping the same line in response to "None of the information below has been officially announced by Blizzard, this is only a compilation of information gathered from reliable sources." on the main MMO-Champ page.

"If Blizzard didn't release the info it's obviously just made up. The only reliable source is Blizzard. Durrrr. "

Okay, I'm not saying we should absolutely trust everything Boubouille posts (though he has an outstanding record of accuracy with similar such information leaks) but leaks from individuals within a company aren't an absolute impossibility. They're called leaks for a reason. If Blizzard announced something it wouldn't BE a leak. Leaks can be reliable if the source in question has routinely been reliable in funneling information to Boubouille, or any agent of the press for that matter. It's absolutely moronic to assume that just because information is gained through backchannels that's it's automatically untrue. I'm thinking a few options could be true, in decreasing likelyhood.

1) It's a leak. Simple as that. Boubouille says it's legit then it's legit.
2) Blizzard intentionally "leaked" it to build up hype. More pageviews for Boubouille, more subscriptions to the Blizzcon PPV.
3) It's counter-information leaked to cover up any rumors of the actual expansion.
4) It's a bad source.

Anyway, I'm just so tired of everyone thinking everything is so black and white. Just because it doesn't come with blue text doesn't make it untrue...

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Hakawne said...

Potential spoilers alert...

I don't believe or disbelieve, but I consider what makes the most sense.

The whole goblin/worgen thing seems like bull to me. I mean, yeah, having them as playable races would be fun (worgen), but specific to horde/alliance respectively? I don't believe it.

Yes, Boubouille predicted Blizzard would release more masks after the goblin/worgen ones to "cover it up," but how many more masks do people need to collect for Hallow's End? The same 10 as before? Or 10 new ones? Then again, that's not an achievement anymore, is it.

Leaving Garrosh in charge seems like terrible storyline. Thrall being Guardian and not Med'an seems terrible. Cairne being removed from the picture doesn't sound too bad, cuz he's reaaaaally old as it is.

Some stupid people trying to discuss and explain away the whole sun/moon tauren thing: "SUN MEANS LIGHT, MOON MEANS SHADOW???!?!?/"

No, here's how it works. They both represent light.

Moon Priestesses revere Elune, the Moon Goddess, and the light she gives. Mu'sha is the Earth Mother's left eye, the moon. Tauren worship it as well, but according to the new dialogue, they're finding something they've been leaving out that the Night Elves had in mind this whole time.

An'she is the Earth Mother's right eye, the Sun. Obviously, this gives the most amount of light across the land... but it would make oh-so much more sense if a Naaru just shot a Naaru Beam at some Tauren's head and he says, "Let me show you the ways of the Light!"

All this, instead of ONLY representing the embodiment of the Earth Mother: the world, Azeroth. Each of the Tauren classes so far are nature-based.

Thus, justification for Tauren Priests/Paladins... I guess.

Trolls could be Druids, so long as they get their own forms. The ZG trolls are justification enough.

Highborne mages, "Earthen" shamans make sense. Ok.

Human hunter just makes sense. Undead? Well, they fell from Humans, and there is the Ranger General out in Eastern Plaguelands with his two blight hounds.