Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Did They Fix It?

So yeah. I was kind of off on the Haste changes. The global cooldown addition is actually pretty nice. It still leaves Affliction behind in scaling but at least Haste can function as a nice secondary stat to gear for. +DMG will continue to be king, but Haste will represent a viable secondary stat to see on gear and hopefully muscle crit around a little bit.

So ultimately this change will get Affliction *close enough* but only with perfect itemization. I'm still rooting for 1 tier set for each talent tree in WotLK so each spec can get what they need. Appropriate set bonuses for the tree. etc.


-Afflicted Gloves of the Malefic: Pale Green/Blue "Deathmist Raiment" colored, with Affliction stats(high dmg, some haste, some hit)

-Demonic Gloves of the Malefic: Purple/Dark Green "Nemesis Raiment" colored with Demonology stats(moderate dmg, pet AP, some hit)

-Destructive Gloves of the Malefic: Red/Black "Corruptor's Raiment" colored with Destruction stats(little bit of everything, really)

We'll see! I the meantime I created a thread here to further discuss allowing Haste to effect tick speed.


Kelmurdoch said...

As you state, haste has it's benefits improved significantly in 2.4 but it will continue to remain the red-headed stepchild to a destro build until gear and stats support its implementation in a raid and PvP environment.

The best we can hope for, therefore, is that Sunwell will have gear designed for a true affliction build. Namely the +Dmg, +hit, +haste and no crit. And that gear in WotLK benefits a true affliction build.

Fusoya said...

Did you see the new dot trinket?

Draele said...

Yessir. Looks like it could be quite sexy depending on the proc chance and internal cooldown.

Logan said...

I'm kind of annoyed now that I'm about to step into Hyjal/BT on my warlock. I'm affliction. I've rolled affliction since day one (aside from the occasional arena or Leotheras tank respec). I like affliction. But to hang with the other DPS in my guild it's looking like I'll have to switch to destro, and that spec just seems boring to me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most raiding destro specs basically require you to "sac your succy, spam shadowbolt, curse occasionally?" It sucks that the spec that requires the least skill to pull off is the one that is the most viable for endgame content. :-/