Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Had a few requests to see it so here it is. This is one I took to show off how high my shadow gets when the Hyjal ring, Hex Shrunken Head and 2pc t4 procs. Everything I have keybound isn't on screen- all the buttons you see are clicked.

Per request here's the mods I run...I left off some... The ones I have listed here are either cosmetic or functionally useful.

Apeture: The big big black bar at the bottom of the screen.
DoTimer Suite: The DoT timers on the right side of the screen and cooldown in the bottom right of the screen.
Bongos2: My button bars and keybindings.
Clearfont2: My different than normal fonts for most things. Baar Sophia is the font for everything but target's damage you see.
Closetgnome: The gear sets.
eCastingbar: My cast bar, target's cast bar, and fatigue bars.
eeShards: Shard display plugin for FuBar. Also, automatically deletes excess shards above any number you set.
FuBar: The bar at the bottom. Clockfu, Bagfu, Durabilityfu, Moneyfu, Questsfu(which is the quests in the top left too)
Good Damage Font 2.0: The damage font. It's Adventure.
Itemprice Tooltip: Not seen on screen, but this adds the vendor price to the tooltip of every item.
Onebag/Onebank/Onering: Just combines all my bags into one big bag and changes the background.
Pitbull: My unitframes.
Prat: My chat mod.
Ratingbuster: Shows percentage equivalents to spell hit rating, etc.
Scrolling Combat Text: I think most people have this =P
SharedMedia: Shares fonts, textures, etc across several addons and saves memory by doing so.
Squeenix: My square, borderless minimap.
Visor2: My "move stuff" addon. Nifty for shifting things around that aren't covered in other mods. Like the tracking menu, buffs frame, etc I've moved around.
Xloot: Very nice loot mod. Just makes the looting window look really slick, adds a quick link all items to guild/raid/etc and expands the size of the looting window based on how many items are on a body.


Leiah said...

Lol clicker

Draele said...

So I lied. Bandage and Netherweave Net are both bound to keys =P

Velspar said...

Any reason you don't have necrosis? It would clean up most of those unbound buttons you got. I couldn't live without it on my lock.

Draele said...

Eh, I've never liked Necrosis. Given, I haven't tried it in over a year, but it was always a super bloated mod with a bunch of extra features I didn't even use. I like my Bongos =D

Hakawne said...

Your frost damage sucks.
Get it higher!

Anonymous said...

I am a new to raiding lock and I A) cant find a way to email you and B) have some questions about your spell rotation, along with tons of other questions I think you could answer.

Anyway you could write a post on newbie raiding locks?

I've already read a few but I'd like to hear your take.

Draele said...

Feel free to go ahead and either post it here, or make a forum post on the lock forum and link to it here and I'll take a look at it.

Wrenzo said...

Now come can't post something like that without also posting which mods you use! :) Looks great by the way, nice and clean.

Wrenzo said...

Thanks Draele! I might have to give it a shot.

Fusoya said...

More blogging, less non-blogging please.