Thursday, April 17, 2008

Swap Demonic Sacrifice & Dark Pact?

Apparently one of the ideas I put forward in the post I linked to in the previous entry is quite popular. That being the idea of swapping Demonic Sacrifice & Dark Pact combined with a change to Mana Feed.

Demonology's idea would be that Mana Feed would be changed to act as a source of mana renewal for the demons. The demons, gaining back their mana would both act as damage/utility *and* as a mana battery for the Warlock. This synergy between the Warlock and their demon is simply paramount to the Demonology tree so why not extend it? Demonology should thrive on having it's demon out and having synergy with it, not sacrificing it!

Affliction would get an altered Demonic sacrifice, because, well Affliction already has improved Lifetap, and having the best health leech abilities is better suited to sacrificing health for mana. This Demonic Sacrifice would only be a 10% damage increase(down from 15%) but also bestow a 10% increase to health/mana received, further reinforcing Affliction being the health/mana sponge.

Destruction, finally, would gain both a buff to Conflagrate and Shadowfury, with Conflag being changed to both a burst and sustained damage ability which would renew, rather than consume, Immolate giving Destro a new ability to use in raids, help their sustained damage in PvP and make Fire Destro just that much more appealing. Shadowfury wouldn't actually get a buff in damage, but rather would debuff the mob/player to take more damage, in PvP helping to focus train target(s) with both a stun and damage debuff, and in PvE would give Destruction some utility.

In conclusion, Demonology would become more synergistic with Dark Pact/Mana Feed and not have a nearly wasted 21 pt talent in DS, Affliction would have it's damage and mana/health stealing capabilities increased by DS and Destruction would move away from being forced to pick up DS just to spam Shadowbolt ad nauseum, and would begin to use DoTs(Immolate+Conflag) and debuff the mob more(Shadowfury) making it much more of a Warlock and much less of a "Shadowmage."



Alyviel said...

Hi! I just found your blog thanks to following a link in another blog (From Warcraftbloggers) to your thread about DS on the forums.

Very nice work, and on a subject near and dear to me. I'm currently playing a warlock in Kara-ish gear and she's affliction, and I'm wrestling with wanting to stay affliction but remain viable as a damage dealer as well as raid utility.

While she probably won't get to see tier 5 and beyond before WotLK (I'm in a casual raiding group that's currently in Gruul's and Mags, and usually am required to play my resto druid) it's still an issue.

I think I'm going to stay affliction no matter what, but that DS/Destro spec is kind of shiny and tempting once I have the crit to pull it off. I've been looking a lot at the avaliable gear and planning what I can get to remain viable as affliction, but it's quite a downer when the gear scales so much better for destro and only destro.

Orshade said...

These changes would lower lock dps from the shadow destro setup, because having to use other abilities for your rotation.

Anonymous said...

These changes would lower lock dps from the shadow destro setup, because having to use other abilities for your rotation.

Because god forbid we find doing something else than rolling our face over the keyboard mindlessly spamming one single ability over and over more fun to play.

Ferenczys said...

An absolutely brilliant proposal. I especially like the changes to Destruction, as it would really help solidify the diversity between the various trees and bring our fire spells back into usefulness.

In my mind, if a warlock specs Affliction he should be running mostly shadow, if destruction mostly fire, and if demonology a mix of the two. Even though no one is arguing how solid the shadowmage spec is in a raiding environment, I'd like to know that my future as a lock is not simply relegated to CoS and Shadowbolt spam.

Frijona said...

As an affliction warlock, I would hate to see dark pact leave my talent tree, given that I need the extra boost of mana when instancing in order to continuously apply DoTs and not need to stop for a mana break every 3 pulls. I'm not 70 yet, but the Demonology tree has never interested me. And DS just doesn't sound like something I want to continuously do. Dark pact is one of the reasons I chose the Affliction spec to begin with. I'd rather keep it.

Hakawne said...

I think Draele's proposed increase mana/health return from abilities (preferably warlock abilities, not all player abilities) tacked onto Demonic Sacrifice would, or should, make up for the loss of Dark Pact.

You've got Life Tap, you might have 1/2 Improved Life Tap, but I don't particularly see the point in enhancing an ability just to replace it. As a rogue, you don't spec Imp SS and get Hemo (granted, they're in different trees anyway).

But, y'know... "Looks good on paper" and all that. I'm not a warlock anyway.

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