Sunday, April 13, 2008

Respec Time

So I did a slight respec the other day. From 43/7/11 to 45/5/11. Dropped 1 point in Improved Lifetap(with the new spirit changes a raid buffed Imp can nearly sustain me) and 2 points in Demonic Embrace(I'm a little burnt on arenas ATM, so why not?) and used those 3 points to fill out Shadow Embrace from my former 2/5. Hopefully the raid will appreciate it and it'll even help a little when doing dailies! GG 3% less damage.


psychonia said...

i'm surprised you put any points in supression since your hit capped?

not by by any means questioning your spec just curious?


Draele said...

Well as upgrades come I might drop a little below the cap and generally don't have much of a problem being anywhere between 14-16% hit as Suppression can cover that 2%. In short it's just a little breathing room for gear growth.