Thursday, May 22, 2008

Permabanned :O

So yeah. I'm normally not one to get banned, or even get a warning. I tend to play by the rules pretty well. So there's a 10 page thread on the Warlock forum on the WotLK alpha was up for a whole day...nothing deleted! I figured Blizzard knew the leaks were pretty widespread so decided to lay off. Boy was I mistaken! I made a thread critiquing the Affliction talents(of the 5 new talents only one was worth a damn...I had to!) Low and behold a couple of hours ago I log into the forum and am...permabanned! The odd thing is I haven't even had an infractions before and I didn't even post *what* the talents did. Others who were discussing in the same manner only got 1 week bans. I'm going to try to appeal this. I understand it's their rules, and respect that, but I'd like them to look over my post again to see that I didn't actually post unreleased content, but was just discussing it.

Until then I'll be posting on the character "Painez"


After reviewing your account's forum record we have determined
that the appropriate actions were taken, and this account will not
have forum privileges restored under any circumstances. We
regret to implement such severe action, but at times it is
necessary to maintain a positive forum environment.

"A positive forum environment" WTF? They could at least shoot me
some line on Blizzard's intellectual property, etc. Not some canned
response totally unrelated to the actual case. Oh well...


Frank said...

While I admire your desire to post information in the wasteland of stupidity that is normally the official forums, why not partake in a better discussion at EJ and not risk the famous Blizzard ambiguity?

Fusoya said...

That sucks, dude. Definitely try to appeal that. That is a serious penalty for merely trying to discuss information that is in development. Honestly, they should welcome that kind of interest and take notes on player opinions to try and improve upon what they have in place. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if some of that info was leaked on purpose by blizzard to try and keep players from leaving for the up and coming Age of Conan. The more talk about their next expansion, the better... or at least I would think. PERMAbanned for it? That is really harsh. The worst that happened to me was having to change my priest's name. Apparently Healyoass was offensive. So I changed it to Smokeyoass :)

masofergusbaek said...

Definitely appeal it. I personally think my own ban was dumb, because I didn't mention any names or tooltips or anything. But I won't fight it, I was crossing some lines and I know it.

Leiah said...

they won't reverse it. :)

Ah well. I think you'll like how things are shaping up regardless.

Everrose said...

Wow that's some bullshit- You're the pretty much the most eloquent and behaved poster in most the WoW forums I've read. They should have made a warning or at least a temp ban if they're gonna go that way- there's no reason you should have been permabanned for that.
Fail on them for doing that to one of the few people who give them intelligent feedback.
Oh and hey where did you find the previewed talents? Cause I found one link but they all look like pure fallacy.

Anonymous said...

The worst part of it all is that some twelve year old can go on there posting those stupid text images and immature sexual innuendos all day long, and he'll never be permabanned. I'd sue them stating that you're paying for forum access and they're not providing a promised service.