Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Dwarf Or Draenei?

...Not the kind of thing I normally post on here but yesterday I saved my two potential Deathknight names. One Dwarf and one Draenei. (Certainly not your standard fare Human, Undead or pink-pigtailed female gnome that everyone else wants to make) This is going to be a tough choice for me. Dwarves just wreak of badassery and are my favorite fantasy race. 'Nuff said. Draenei seem like they might make a terrible DK, what being the Naaru brown-nosers they are- but if you give them just the right features they can look pretty dark too- and let's not mention two very nice racials with Gift of the Naaru and Heroic Presence. They clearly have the advantage as racials go compared to Stoneform and Treasure Tracking. The tail is what's got me, though. Damn distracting wiggly thing...

Here's Krigus:

And Daerdric:


Everrose said...

I like the dranini- looks more badass and the HOT is really handy. Although I've seen people use stoneform rather effectively in endgame. Like the names :D

Fusoya said...

I think dwarves are pretty lame in WoW. They are the class that attract a lot of new people, and end up sucking in general. If you want to be short, go Gnome.

Dwarf Hunter = probably Huntard
Dwarf Warrior / Paladin = Not badass
Dwarf Priest = are heals proportionately small?
Dwarf Rogue = funny looking

I'd say go Draenei or Night Elf. Tall classes just look better to me in warrior type roles.

Frank said...

I prefer the malapropism "Death From Below!" in my gnomes so continuing with the Murdoch theme prefaced by a class descriptor (I have Friarmurdoch, Tankmurdoch, Magemurdoch, etc etc) DEATHMURDOCH will be making his tiny and terrible gnomish deathknight debut upon LK's release.

Original? No and yes in it's own way, and yet retains the commentary and continuity I so prefer in my WoW.

Leiah said...

Both Gay. Undead Death knight ftw, my friend.

Step 1) eat the corpse
Step 2) Raise the corpse to be your ghoul
Step 3) Laugh at silly warlocks who try to fear you.

Frijona said...

I'm either going with Night Elf or Dwarf myself. Mainly because those are races I haven't tried yet. I hope not too many people become pink pigtailed gnomes, since that's how my gnome rogue looks! I suppose I could change her hair when the expainsion hits...