Friday, May 23, 2008

Tweaks To Atrocity

I'm not posting unreleased content here, but if you've seen the alpha Warlock talents you'll know what I'm talking about.

Okay, the problem as I see it with Atrocity, the 51-point Affliction talent is it's just too situational, in a situation where we have another spell which already does a bang-up job. I will admit, the synergy between Atrocity and Haunt is not only effective, but just sounds awesome...even still, Atrocity is too situational and needs to be reworked.

I would like to propose the following:

30 second cooldown
Your next Corruption spell... {insert alpha Atrocity effect here}
Your next Curse of Agony does not count towards your one curse per target limit.

Voila! The talent becomes something of an amplify curse for Corruption and Curse of Agony, with Agony giving a nice single target DPS boost, and Corruption giving a nice {non single target} DPS boost. I feel that allowing Curse of Agony to be up alongside Curse of Shadows is important as we have so many talents that boost the damage output of CoA, yet our raids expect us to be the Curse of Shadows bitch. With this you end up with a versatile talent useful in both PvE and PvP, and in single target and {non single target} situations.

Thoughts? About the only thing I could see anyone taking issue with is the cooldown, but the 30 second cooldown allows the synergy with Haunt to work out just right.


Hakawne said...

You really want to get around the whole "one curse per warlock per target" thing, don't you? :b

Draele said...

Yep! I know Leiah is gonna give me shit about it too, but /shrug

Logan said...

I'm thinking that the lackluster 51-point talent will lead affliction locks to run a 50/0/21 spec for raiding (or possibly 50/21/0). The main things that keep affliction from being viable for endgame DPS are the absence of Ruin and Demonic Sacrifice. The addition of one of these two key skills to the tree while also being able to incorporate Unstable Affliction and the new talent Everlasting Affliction might just help to close the DPS gap between the specs.

Much like shadowfury is a forgettable 41-point talent that leads destro locks to take 21-point talents in other trees, I think Atrocity will probably do the same thing.

Draele said...

Well the main problems being:

1) Affliction doesn't naturally stack crit. If you don't have much crit what's the point in Ruin? Even if you have Ruin crit still doesn't effect half of your DPS (DoTs) If crit ends up effecting DoT damage then I'd be totally cool with going 50/0/21.

2) Dark Pact and Demonic Sacrifice are mutually exclusive. If you're using one you can't use the other. That just puts to waste Dark Pact...

I'm so concerned about 51 Affliction being a good talent because there really isn't a a good 21-pt talent option...

Frijona said...

I agree. I'm not liking atrocity at all. I think if DoTs could be critable, than a 50/0/21 spec would be great to have. Still, I like your idea--I want curse of shadow upping my curse of agony damage, or to have curse of agony run while curse of doom ticks away. (Although what would really put shivers up my spine would be to have CoS and CoD at the same time!)