Thursday, July 30, 2009

Generic DPS Caster PvP Tweaks

It's no secret that DPS casters as a whole are hurting in PvP as a whole. The forums have been abuzz the past few weeks on this issue and I'll take a moment to lay down two changes I think would help fix the problem. I have more ideas, but I feel these two are shoe-ins and should be implemented, and if further changes are necessary, then do so.

  1. Spell school lockout effects reduced to 2 seconds. Tooltips of Mind Freeze, Kick, Pummel, etc changed to state that lockout duration is doubled against healing spells to make it no effective change against heals, but a buff to DPS. *Healing spells being pure heals that aren't tied to another utility/damage spell. IE Drain Life, glyphed Evocation, Pennance if used offensively, etc. aren't considered healing spells in this sense.
  2. Facing checks at the end of spellcast are removed if the target is within 10 yards. Run-through interrupts are silly. Even the most skilled caster on a great connection can get screwed by this mechanic simply due to the ever-so-slight difference between where the melee class is on your screen and where the server thinks it is.

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Felshatner said...

I think that spell lockout idea is a good one. Affliction is heavily penalized by that. Spells like Shadowflame seemed initially designed to get around spell lockouts, but that spell is pretty underwhelming. The second one is iffy, but run-through interrupts are just silly; I agree. Sprinting rogues on dial up are the worst. :(