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Objective Based Honor & Rated Battlegrounds

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Basic Honor Changes

These are intended to foster more objective oriented games. Numbers are of course tweakable to match our current honor income per game, but proportions seem quite fair.

    -20 honor per kill in midfield.
    -30 honor per kill near a neutral or enemy point/ flag/ boss. (Honorable Attacker buff)
    -50 honor per kill near a friendly point/ flag/ boss. (Honorable Defender buff)

    -200 honor for being within 50 yards of a flag being captured/returned, a point being captured, or a key BG NPC being killed.
    -2000 bonus honor at the end of the game, multiplied by your team's overall progress. So if you win with 2000 resources in AB you get +2000 honor. Lose with 1 flag cap in WSG? +667 honor. AV could be handled by giving the winning team 2000 and the losing team can have their bonus honor determined by number of points/graveyards controlled.

Ranked Battlegrounds & "Glory Points"
The basic idea, coming from the idea that Blizz is adding ranked BGs, is that Glory points are earned based on your personal contribution to a BG. Arena points would then be consolidated into the same system of glory points and they would have a combined maximum pool that can be earned per week.
Glory points per BG are determined by your relative honor gains, with a multiplier in there if your team wins. Each BG has a total amount of glory points that are distributed amongst all the players based on their relative performances, with an exponential distribution divided between 4 quartiles. Bottom quartile gets x. 2nd quartile get 2x. 3rd quartile gets 4x. Top quartile gets 8x. Take this "70's Show" themed 4v4 "battleground" the Alliance just won as an example. Honor/glory amounts are completely arbitrary and irrelevant other than to display the proportions. Actual amounts tweaked as necessary

    Total Honor
    Donna (Alliance): 90
    Eric (Alliance): 80
    Fez (Alliance): 70
    Kitty: (Alliance): 50

    Red: (Horde): 100
    Stephen (Horde): 90
    Michael (Horde): 30
    Jacki (Horde): 10

    Adjusted Honor For Glory Calculation (*1.2 for the winning team)
    Donna (Alliance): 108
    Eric (Alliance): 96
    Fez (Alliance): 84
    Kitty (Alliance): 60

    Red (Horde): 100
    Stephen (Horde): 90
    Michael (Horde): 30
    Jacki (Horde): 10

    Glory Points Received (based on 100 points total given out for this battleground. 100 is arbitrary and used only as an example)
    Donna: 26.4
    Red: 26.4
    Eric: 13.2
    Stephen: 13.2
    Fez: 6.6
    Kitty: 6.6
    Michael: 3.3
    Jacki: 3.3

A different distribution could of course be used, but doubling everything was easy enough and it supports the gearing philosophy outlined below well enough. Do take note that the most strongly performing players get x8 more glory pts per battleground than "the baddies"

Glory Point Rewards
The idea here is to combine aspects of "the honor grind" and "purely skilled based rewards" into one fluid system where anyone can buy a piece of gear, but the costs would be so incredibly high and disparity in potential points earned so huge that terrible players might spend a whole season of fervent BG grinding just to receive very few current season items. Great players would be able to accrue points so quickly that they could have a full set well before a season is over. A few notes...

    -Max glory per week from BGs would be 1500, likewise for arenas(as current). Absolute max glory per week from a player in the top 5v5 in their battlegroup and who maxes out their BG glory, would be 3000.
    -Glory (arena) points cap raised to 12,000.
    -Deadly and Furious gear would cost 2x its current arena(glory) pt cost.
    -Hateful gear would remain unchanged and simply bought with honor.

Let's take a quick look at Furious Gladiator's Claymore(2350 weapon): costs 8500 glory. The most expensive/rating intensive item.

Examples of gear accrual via player ability/playstyle:

    -Amazing hardcore playerA in top 3000 rated 5v5 takes 1500 arena glory. He kicks ass in BGs and hit the 1500 cap after not too much time due to being in the top percentile. For a combined glory of 3000 a week, and buys his Claymore after the third week, with 500 in change to spend later.

    -Meanwhile, the moron with zero life, playerB, grinds out the BGs, making roughly 1/8 the glory per BG that amazing playerA makes. Playing day and night he maxes out his BG honor at 1500, but is so bad he doesn't want to get humiliated in the arena. End of the week he has 1500 BG glory. 6 weeks later he gets his Claymore and 500 in change.

    -Casual playerC doesn't get as much game time as B, and isn't quite as good as A, but manages his time well and is pretty skilled. He plays smart, focuses on objectives, peels for his teammates, etc and regularly places in the 75% quartile. He gets the same BG glory in 1/4 the time as B, but only gets 1/3 the play time. He gets 1125 BG glory per week. He then goes and plays in his 1900 rated 3v3 team and gets 804 arena glory for the week. Totaling 1929 glory for the week his gets his claymore after 5 weeks, with 1100 glory in change.

What about arenas you ask? Won't people ignore them? Absolutely not =D

    -Arenas would absolutely be the best glory per hour.
    -They comprise half of the potential glory points per week. Doing well in the arena greatly influences your maximum glory per week.
    -Top arena teams would still have exclusive titles/mounts.

Further Suggestions

    -Contribution in each BG could be tracked behind the scenes. At the end of a season the top 5% BG achievers (via average placement) would be privy to unique mounts/titles, similar to, but different than gladiator titles/mounts.
    -BG glory points could be redeemable for battleground-specific flasks (+Resilience/HP), high quality gems, etc. Getting near the cap and the week isn't over? Buy a couple flasks, gem your gear, or sell gems to buy potions, etc. on the AH.

Overall I feel this system would be an excellent addition to World of Warcraft as it combines the best of both the worlds of the arena and the BG system. Suggestions are welcome!

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I like it man. It rewards playing well, not playing for hours and hours and hours.