Sunday, August 12, 2007

And It Begins...

(So after an hour or so of tweaking the colors, setting, etc for the blog I'm finally up and running. I opted to go with an greenish grey/black/white scheme. Let me know if it's tough on the eyes and I'll tweak it some more.)

On to introductions!

I'm Draele, 70 Warlock on Thunderhorn. I've been a gamer since the age of 4 (Super Mario Brothers still kicks ass!) Over the course of my gaming career I've developed certain tendencies that I feel define me as a gamer. I play the slow game in most every way. Wars of attrition. I wear you down. Direct combat was never really an intriguing play style to me. It works for many, but to me it lacks a certain...elegance that wearing the other guy down has.

In Texas Hold'em I play very conservatively. I play few hands. Very little all-ins. I rarely bluff. And when I do I'm feared across the table because they think "I better back down, this guy has the cards if he's playing them." In the long run I come out ahead.

In RTS games I was a big boomer(*cough* turtle *cough*). I loved to build a strong economy and wear my enemy down over time with fast units using hit-and-run tactics. Over a period of time they'd lose more units than me. I'd kill their gatherers slowing their economy. Do this enough and they'd be effectively crippled. Then I could finish them off at my leisure when I felt it was safe.

Even in Diablo 2 I played a rather unique character. I was big on the "Meleemancer" archetype- a sort of Necromancer built to utterly cripple their opponent. While it lacked a strong offense it could CC large amounts of enemies with Dim Vision, debuff my focus target with a maxed Clay Golem and Decrepify, and wear them down with my melee attacks. Slow going, but unique and fun as hell.

I think I make my point. I really, really, like playing a defensive/crippling play style. There's a certain fun factor to it I just can't explain. Do I enjoy watching my enemies squirm? Yep. Is it the sheer efficiency you can employ by playing D? Certainly. Do I like ruining the plans of my foes who think they can just mow me over in one fell swoop? Most certainly. No, there will be no "shock and awe" when fighting me, you better strap in because I'm in it for the long haul.

As you can see the Affliction Warlock was the natural choice for me when I came to WoW. Efficiency, longevity, and indirect combat tactics. All facets of gaming I've come to embrace over my years. Call it dull, call it cheap, call it what ever you like...but I love it!

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