Sunday, August 12, 2007

A New Toy!

Generally I'll refrain from posting too many non-WoW related articles(you certainly won't see me whining about how my pet died, or how awesome or terrible my love life is), but this one is recent in my mind and the blog needs some content starting off so I figured...why not?

So a couple years back I lent my buddy my bass guitar. I didn't play much and wasn't very good so it wasn't that big of a deal. A few months back I ask him if I can have it back because I'm wanting to play it. He says he'll get it to me. Time goes by and I don't get it. I ask again, he says he'll get it back. So last week we're out at a bar and he tells me he can't find it. He explains that something must have happened to it in the move(he had moved out a few months prior) and explains he'd buy me a new one.

So yesterday we go out to Guitar Center. He tells me to find one I like in fair price range. I pick me out a nice wood finished 4 string Peavey Grind bass. Between a sale they had going on and him being friends with the manager there we got a 600$ MSRP bass for around half price. I'm pleased to say the least. The bass is sharp looking and has a great tone. I like it better than my old bass already! I look online at reviews and come to find out it's rated as one of the best basses for the price range. So not only did my friend buy me a bass for rather cheap, but I, in my limited knowledge picked out one of the better basses in the joint. That made my day!


Hakawne said...

I'm still in the process of getting a violin again. Oh, how I miss playing it.

By the way, I'm going to track this blog thing. Because, A) you're on my server and B) it's not about rogues.


Anonymous said...

and C) He said Nerf fear!

Anonymous said...

EDIT: and D) "I'd touch on why I think Mages could use some buffs, and why that shouldn't bother us Warlocks." Thank you, someone finally sees this