Monday, August 20, 2007

New 3v3 Team

Sorry for the low post count the past few days! Between a busy weekend and my AB weekend honorwhoring(got my PvP ring!) I haven't gotten the chance to post anything worthwhile.

Started a new 3v3 team tonight aptly named "Instants R Us". The old Rogue/Paly/Warlock combo wasn't bad by any means, but it lacked a sense of focus that I knew could be achieved with other combos. (Plus the old 3v3 hadn't played in a while) I ended up making the 3v3 with Arv, my 2v2 Shadowpriest partner, and Melias, a Resto Druid whom I'd 5-manned with before. This combo was by design and I'm still surprised just how well it performed. Melias handles the nasty melee classes that screw us shadowy types up good(especially Warriors) with Cyclone, while Arv and I chew up casters, healers, Hunters, etc. I'm looking forward to future games with this combo as we really seem to have all the bases covered and the mobility we possess is simply astounding(DoTs/HoTs/Roots/Fears/etc) especially compared to the somewhat non-mobile Paly/Rogue team. Effective or not it's really just a more enjoyable combo for me and requires less...bending? of my playstyle to mesh together. Kiting works. Delaying works. Indirect combat works! Ah, I'm in arena heaven...

(Also, I promise to get a real article up in the next day or two. Expect a few paragraphs with ranting, suggestions, etc all about the most hated ability in the game: Fear, and its many pros, cons, annoyances, etc.)


Hakawne said...

Tell Melias I said hi, and that I avoid healer duels if I can even if it does waste 3 hours of time I'm not using anyway.

TheLordPsy said...

I finally got arena teams! I'm happy. Focus+ Spell Lock/Fear/CoT macros make me <3

Jandari said...

does melias go into tree form in arenas?

Draele said...

Nah, no tree form. Too slow!

Hakawne said...


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