Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some Possible Upcoming Articles

Here's a list of things I'd like to cover over the coming weeks:
  • "Talent trees" Just some thoughts on the talent trees and some of my created level 80 versions up on unleashed gaming, along with tweaks, explanations. etc.
  • "The State of Fear" I'd touch on the pros and cons such an ability grants, why we're so hated for it, and what should be done about it.
  • "DoT Gear" A rant on how Affliction/Shadowpriest gear is so terrible post-Karazahn with some possible solution(s).
  • "DoTs vs. DD in PvP" A possibility here. Pointing out some of the advantages, shortcomings, clarifications, etc. We're such cheap bastards abusing line of sight, yet we must to survive.
  • "Debuffs?" I'd hit on why I'd like to see the class taken more in this direction and be less DPS focused.
  • "Mages, the other caster." I'd touch on why I think Mages could use some buffs, and why that shouldn't bother us as Warlocks.
  • Northrend thoughts and speculations.
  • Deathknight theorycrafting (once info is released!)
  • Hero classes. Good concept, but not what I expected/hoped.
  • Raid goings-on. Good week, bad week, funny pulls, etc.
  • PvP/arena goings-on.
  • Maybe some more real life junk thrown in. (Interesting stuff only)

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