Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Little Bit Closer!

So after getting some feedback I've made several tweaks/changes to the level 80 talent trees which I've posted before here. Transformation was popular for many, but it was just as unpopular for many others. Replaced it with Fel Absorption which in addition to being nice on it's own accord has great synergy with Demonic Revenge. Reverted Pestilence to Blasphemy. Pestilence just didn't seem worth it, and while Blasphemy may be a little over the top it's tough to find something neither over/underpowered for Affliction.

Talent Tree
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Please do post in the thread or leave comments here on what you think!

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Hakawne said...

I kinda' liked the suggestion someone made about Blasphemy: Two of certain curses, such as one being benign when just left alone, and the next a damage or primary-stat-affecting curse.

Curse of Shadow/Elements/Exhaustion/Tongues in addition to Curse of Weakness/Recklessness/Agony/Doom