Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back on the Horse!

So after several weeks hiatus from the arena(I had a not-so-friendly 3v3 encounter a few weeks back several games in a row with Rogue + Enhancement Shaman + Windfury + Bloodlust = Draelemush. Let's just say you couldn't force me to queue for an arena for a while there) Now I'm back, however, doing 2v2(in the meantime as least) with Arv. Affliction + Shadow is a fine combo, so fine a combo in fact we went 10-0 on day 1. Spectacular? No. Most of the teams were below 1500 and quite terrible, but after leaving the arena system on such a sour note it felt good to get in there and kick ass on the rebound. It should be an easy run to 1800.

More Dawts! :D


Hakawne said...

You'd be surprised at how silly the matchmaking system is, and therefore how difficult it may be to hit 1800. Countless times, my 2v2 (me and a rogue) would get one win away from 1800, just to lose because we got paired with a team not only better geared, but higher ranked, than us.

Although, just last night, I endured some annoying queue times with Darkensun (one of the greatest warriors you'll ever know (or not know)), got 1800 with a 9-1. The 1 was my Swiftmend not eating my Rejuv against two warlocks, and I know their felhunters didn't eat it; I still saw the buff. The change to Swiftmend irritates me.

I'm hoping some of the new druid talents might add some spell crit to healing... it's disappointing when I don't see Healing Touch crit sometimes, and leather stats aren't assigned for it besides Windhawk. I've got some ideas, partial thanks to the Druid forums. But they're focusing everything around Tree of Life which, while good, I regret to say it is not THE healing spec.

Strengths and weaknesses, dipshit druids... -sigh-

Jandari said...

I have a 2400 arena rating. You must suck.

Arv said...

@Hak - You need to go feral. Watching you kill infernals in BEM is like watching paint dry.

@Jandari - Go back to Knoxville you hack!

And yes, we were dominant in our first day. I hope they all go so well... Neither of us died in 10 games. Shadow damage/healing ftw!

TheLordPsy said...

For the arena system, I've been kicking around a suggestion to put in an arena ranking set that has no arena points, no tangible rewards (You could still earn titles, but nothing else), and no rating-based matchmaking system (it would be entirely random who your next opponents are).

Reason being, I 2v2 and 3v3 with teams that are extremely powerful in the arena. With both teams, the difference between the arena experience at 1500-1800 rating and 1900-2100+ rating is obscene. In the lower ratings, you have an instant queue and you fight teams that give you a reasonable amount of points. At the higher ratings, we've gotten up to 6-8 minute queues just to fight teams that give us 1-2 points. And heaven forbid one of us DC or suffer computer problems because that means a 26+ point loss.

Often at high rankings we'll stop queuing because queues are too long and the points are too low or specific teams we don't like to face are queuing as well. In the second case, we can't learn to fight them without suffering significant losses to our rating, and even once we've learned, if we lose 150 points facing them, that can take 5+ hours to make up again.

So basically, I want an arena system where we don't have to worry about horrible queue times or losing huge amounts of points, but it's still rated so there's a prestige element and it's not just skirmish games.